1. From the birds above, choose the one you think best represents Florida.
2. Type your selection as your "Official Vote", your name and your email address. You can leave a comment too.
3. Please shop at our store and donate to the wild birds of Florida.

Vote now for your favorite Florida bird!


Many of our nearly 600 species of Florida birds are imperiled or even endangered because of shrinking habitat, human development and pesticides along with other factors. In our partnerships, we along with your help can save lives, one bird at a time.

We at Soar Florida want to change the bird to one that is more representative of our state. One that makes us proud of our beautiful Sunshine State! Please vote now and visit our store for our opening line of gift items.

Soar Florida selected, what we think are the most viable candidates for the new Florida bird. The Brown Pelican was omitted because it is the bird of the great state of Louisiana.